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The following is our rental contract with all our terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the contract or specifics within it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sample Contract

Store Policies

Delivery and Pickup:

We offer delivery and pickup services during our normal business hours. Requests for deliveries and pickups outside of our normal business hours and exact time deliveries and pickups will require significant additional fees. Please attempt to schedule your delivery and pickup during our normal business hours to avoid these higher fees.

Delivery and pickups are not available for small or minor items without significant delivery charges being added. We encourage our customers to pick up such items.

Exact time deliveries are problematic for us. Many of our customers do not plan very far in advance and it is usually just a day or two before when we will know our exact delivery order. Additionally we are faced with the issue of having unexpected situations arise when we are out on site. Such as setting up a tent and the client failed to tell us that it was on gravel not earth, which takes 3 times as long to drive stakes through. This slows us down considerably and fouls up our delivery schedule and entire day.

Therefore any indication of delivery or pickup time is an approximation and based only on the most optimum circumstances. If you absolutely must have an exact time delivery and or pickup, plan on an additional fee of $500 (minimum; more depending on time of day, order and our schedule) for an exact time delivery and another $500 (minimum; more depending on time of day, order and our schedule) for an exact time pickup to accommodate our having to completely reschedule all other deliveries.

Avoid outrageous exact time charges and late pickup charges by making proper arrangements to have your rental delivered a day before and by making arrangements with the venue for pickups the next business day.

We will always be happy to let you know when a truck is headed in your direction. Just ask!

Delivery is a tailgate service only. We deliver in a box truck as close to the event premise as possible and rental equipment will be unloaded at that point. The client is then responsible for getting the equipment to the final point of use. Pickup is at the same location where we dropped the equipment. The client is responsible for having all rental items ready to be picked up in the same location it was delivered.

Equipment deliveries to the rear of a house or building is an extended delivery. Unless we can drive up to the spot behind the house or building, we will not make such deliveries unless prior arrangements have been made. Additional fees apply.

Additional delivery fees may apply if we are required to deliver and/or pickup equipment inside a building or carry equipment up or down stairs. These fees will be based on the type and quantity of the equipment as well as the difficulty in accessing the desired location. We must be advised at the time the order is placed if anything other than “drop service” will be required. If requested to setup or teardown at time of delivery or pickup without prior notification, our setup and teardown charges will be twice our normal rates!


Additional fees will apply if you require specific timed delivery or pickup, surprise party deliveries, Sunday delivery or pickup, and delivery or pickup not within our normal business hours. Minimum additional fee for such delivery and or pickup is $500 (minimum; more depending on time of day, order and our schedule) each way.


Setup and Teardown:

Please note that you are renting equipment, not labor. Setup and tear down of our tents and dance floors is included in our pricing. With prior notice, our delivery crew can setup and tear down other equipment for an additional fee. If you want to include setup and tear down of tables or chairs please let us know when placing your order. We can estimate the time it will take and also advise you of the cost for this additional service. If you are unsure if setup and tear down is included with your equipment rental, please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you do not breakdown and stack the equipment after your event, we will make the applicable charge for breaking down and stacking the equipment as though you had requested us to do so. Please see Item 16 of the contract where you specifically request us to teardown the equipment and make the appropriate charge in cases where we arrive to retrieve the equipment and find that it has not been broken down.

Hours of Operation:

April 1 through October 31: 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are 8am – Noon. We are closed on Sundays. November 1 through March 31: 9am - 4pm Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are 8am – Noon. We are closed on Sundays.

Use & Time:

Our equipment is rented by time out, not by time used. Equipment not used when rented will carry the same charge as equipment that is used.


Our pricing on most items is for a 24 hour period unless otherwise specified. Weekly rates are three times the daily rate. Monthly rates are three times the weekly rate. Longer rentals are negotiable.

Damage Waiver:

A seven percent (7%) non-refundable damage waiver fee is added for all rental equipment. The damage waiver fee is used to cover cleaning and/or minor repairs. Minor damage is defined as damage that can be repaired within the 7% fee that was charged for that item. Any repairs greater than this are the customer's responsibility. The damage waiver is not insurance. The damage waiver does not absolve you of the responsibility of paying for damage done to our equipment while it is in your possession.

Security Deposit:

WE DO NOT CHARGE A SECURITY DEPOSIT. All that is required to place an order with Aardvark’s is a valid, active credit card. To reserve the equipment, we will need your credit card number and expiration date. If our pre-approved credit check for the credit card given is not valid or not approved, the order will not be placed. It is the responsibility of the customer to give us a valid, active card with the correct number and expiration date. We must have your credit card on file before releasing any equipment. There are no exceptions to this policy.

If your credit card can not accept a pre-approval, we will require you to place as a deposit an amount of cash equal to the cost new of the equipment being rented.


Payment is expected in full at time of delivery or pickup. You may pay with the credit card we have on file, by cash or check. We will charge your credit card that we have on file prior to delivery. On pickups at our store, we will usually have the card you have on file with us charged the morning that you are allowed to pick the equipment up. If you do not want the card charged that you place on file with us, DO NOT GIVE US THAT CARD. Please be aware that giving us a fictitious or non-valid credit card is fraud.

Personal and business checks are accepted under the following conditions:

Identity must be established using a picture I.D. A drivers license or a U.S. issued passport are acceptable forms of I.D. We will not accept state I.D. cards as legitimate I.D.

The I.D. must be given to the employee to write the following information on the check:

1) the writer's social security number,

2) driver's licence number,

3) date of birth.

If you write your own I.D. on the check, we will not accept it.

We will not accept a Post Office Box for an address. We must have a verifiable street address.

We will not accept the check if the name printed is not the same as the name of the person issuing the check.

We will not accept two-party checks or counter checks.

We will not accept checks with alterations and erasures.

We will not agree to hold a check or take a postdated check.

Please be patient with us when providing us with a check. We must do the following prior to accepting the check:

We will compare all information on the check with that on the writer's I.D., including name, address and identifiers.

We will make sure the check is completely filled out.

The check should be signed in our presence.

Company checks should have the writer's name visibly written on the check if not already in print.

If we have any questions about the check, we will call the bank and verify that the check is good in your presence.

Be forewarned we cooperate fully with the bad check division of the Prosecutor's office and any bad check passed to us will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Changes in your order:

We do not charge a change fee but will endeavor to work with you on any changes in equipment that you might need. Please understand that some changes may not be possible. Also, we can not delete tents within 30 days of an event without charging a cancellation fee. Requests for changing an order more then 10% without incrring a penalty, is at our discretion only. Requests for changes within 7 days of an evet are at our discretion only.

Cancelling an Entire Order:

We will cancel your entire order and not make any charge if your request to cancel is greater than 31 days before the scheduled event. If you request your entire order cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled event but greater than 7 days before the event, you agree to pay us 25% of the order as placed. If you are within 7 days of the scheduled you agree to pay us the entire cost of the order as placed.

How to Cancel an Entire Order:

Because it is important that there be no misunderstanding if an order is cancelled in its entirety, it is necessary that you put in writing your request to cancel and that we acknowledge your request likewise in writing. You may drop the written request off at our office, mail it, fax it, or email it but your request is not valid unless we acknowledge it in writing.


Some rental items require us to provide verbal instructions. Please allow us the time to go through any instructions that may apply to your order when we deliver.

Credit Card Charges

Occasionally we receive disputes from credit card companies due to their or the financial institutions that issue the card computer being hacked or suspected of being hacked. These disputes normally necessitate that they credit card charge be reversed and rerun again. The reversal of the credit card charge generally involves an additional fee being charged to Aardvark’s Party Rentals.

It is the policy of Aardvark’s Party Rentals to charge back to the customer any additional fee required by any fraud protection endeavor by the credit card companies.

Additionally any fee assessed by a credit card carrier outside of our normal contracted fees will be assessed back to the customer.

Serving the Indianapolis area: Carmel, Cicero, Fishers, Indy, Noblesville, Sheridan, Westfield, and all of Hamilton County and surrounding areas!